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An important aspect of my work is the staging of an image. you see an instantaneous photograph of a scene in a fictional story. The model is a character, searched to be the placed within.

My work is more of a document than a portrait. A document of a fictive reality.


I capture the people in my reportage series in the same way. Even though they're photographed in their own environment, I isolate them in a subtle way. Staging is omnipresent in my work. I spend time with the people I portray. Observe their way of being / living. They're persons who intrige me. That's why every portrait is an important memory for me. A document of the people I've met.


During my photo assignements i'm also fascinated by the staging, interactions and body language of the characters or inhabitants of a story. That's why i'm passionated about performance and film and it's the reason why i love to work together with different artists, designers and directors.


Atelier and photostudio at DOP Platform, Appelstraat, 2140 Borgerhout/ Antwerp.




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