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An important aspect of my work is the staging of an image. you see an instantaneous photograph of a scene in a fictional story. The model is a character, searched to be the placed within.

My work is more of a document than a portrait. A document of a fictive reality.

I capture the people in my reportage series in the same way. Even though they're photographed in their own environment, I isolate them in a subtle way. Staging is omnipresent in my work. I spend time with the people I portray. Observe their way of being / living. They're persons who intrige me. That's why every portrait is an important memory for me. A document of the people I've met.

During my photo assignements i'm also fascinated by the staging, interactions and body language of the characters or inhabitants of a story. That's why i'm passionated about performance and film and it's the reason why i love to work together with different artists, designers and directors.

Atelier and photostudio at DOP Platform, Appelstraat, 2140 Borgerhout/ Antwerp.

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Sofie Jaspers

Atelier and studio @ DOP platform vzw

Appelstraat 27A

2140 Borgerhout



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Sofie Jaspers (1979) Belgian photographer based in Antwerp, graduated in 2001 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp.


'groupsexposition De gang' Antwerp (curated by Malgorzata Maria & Bing)

'Ontstaan' expo Hypermobiel Antwerp (curated by Jens Dawn)

'One armed man - Monsters' expo Oude Beurs, Hofstraat 15, 2000 Antwerpen (artist and production)

‘One armed man, The year 2525’ expo ’t groen kwartier, Berchem (artist and production)

‘Gevaarlijk jong - Sara Dykmans’, expo Flemish Parlement Brussels - film & photography

‘Opening expo Atelier DOP’ Borgerhout. Groupsexposition

‘One Armed Man - Pin-up’ photography. Design center Antwerp

'Museum Night Fever' - ‘Documentary Idomeneo’, Opera ‘De Munt’ Brussels.

‘After ten, part 2.’ expo Staf Versluys, Bredene (with Greet Vlegels & Erika Teirlinck)

‘En solo.’ Expo Eastern Gallery. Moscow -photography

‘Portraits.’ Expo Gelijke Kansenhuis, Brussels

‘After Ten.’ Expo Bredene - photography

‘Residence’Kaska’ Antwerp - photography


'Nightwatch 2nd edition' -  by Piazza and FOMU (photo museum) Antwerp

'Eiland' first production of Navigators - sensorial Theatre. (production and photography

'Ongezien #3' - by Prospekta and Dop platform - production and photography.

'Navigators' theatre company based in Antwerp (Gabriel Hernandez, Lore uyttendaele and Jean-marie Oriot - start-up, production & photography.

'Gekaapt' - by Sara Dykmans in opdracht van Kunstencentrum Kaap (publication and expo) - artwork

'Nightwatch' - by Piazza and FOMU (photo museum) Antwerp

'Actually Magazine' - futur project 'Myth' (with Sara Dykmans)

'Ongezien #2 expo ' by Dop platform and  Prospekta - production and photography.

'Octen 3 one' performance and video installation together with performer Ine Pieters

'illusoir series' artwork

'Solitaire' portraits artwork

'Mythe pour le futur proche' serie. In collaboration with theatrical designer Sara Dykmans.

'wijvenklap' performance project together with performer Ine Pieters - artwork

'(H)ART'. Kunstveiling , De Roma - Borgerhout - artwork

‘Start-up DOP platform vzw' Platform for applied and fine arts. (artist and production)

‘Portraits: Available series’ Detroit, Colorado - artwork

‘Start-up Atelier DOP’ group of artists in applied and fine arts, photography,

performance, graphic design, film, printed matter, …

'Naked' documentary by Elisa Kent - photography - portraits

‘Gedacht.’ Kortfilm (with Siska Van Daele). Directing / DOP.

‘The ringing bell.’ Shortmovie by Moustapha Saouidi.

‘UAE.’ Reportage/portrait.

‘Surfaced decadence.’ Shortmovie (text Ine Pieters) - artwork

‘New york state & Canada’. Portrait & Shortmovie.

‘Belfast, Ireland.’ Reportage

‘Poetry&pics.’ (ism. Ine Pieters) photography, text & film, Antwerp

‘Central America, The South.’ Reportage

‘Australia’. Reportage.

Commercial work:

Toni&Guy, Abattoir Fermé - theatre company,  Everstory productions - film, Prospekta -100%kunst-cultuurmarkt-museumnacht, S&P, Yong, Id&t-Release - magazine, Cavaria, Groovy - magazine, Nadir - design, Mastercab, Bombo-matic, Concentra newspapers, Sixofour org, Piazza - art ateliers, Jens Dawn - graphic designer, Mushi, Wilde Vlechten - theatric installations, Zomer van Antwerpen - theatre festival, Fivi Kaska-film, Dop platform - art projects, Studio Tolaro - photography, Kosmonaut-dance, Nilss-design, Spnkd, Elle magazine, Focus Knack magazine, De morgen - newspaper, Studio stArt - artist residences, Navigators - theatre company,…